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Company Profile

Company Profile

Use of durable, recyclable stone, is environmentally responsible and uniquely beautiful.

Shenzhen Chiva Industry Co,Ltd, founded in 2013, is a professional and leading manufacturer and Provider for natural stone products, including granites, marbles, slates, sandstones and lime stones from China and abroad.Chiva Insdustry offers you superior quality, price, variety and Service.

Chiva Insdustry provide Natural Stones Soloution for Wholesalers, homeowners, designers, builders and trade professionals seeking natural stone tile and slabs, Countertops, Mosaic, Paving and so much more. We strive to make your experience a memorable one.

Chiva Insdustry is a quarry owner of Shakespeare grey marble,Chiva White marble and Pure white marble,Chinese Granite Grey Sardo, Rusty Yellow.Chiva Insdustry's professionals are well-equipped to guide you through an incredible world of possibilities. In fact, at Chiva Insdustry, you will find professionals who take pride in what they do and who truly enjoy working with people. They respect the qualities and values inherent in the wide variety of quality stone available. More importantly, they respect each and every customer as well as their ideas, their goals - and their budgets. If you have questions,Chiva Insdustry will be able to answer them - courteously and knowledgeably

Product Quality Controller ensures consistency using our exclusive 5-point Quality Monitor system for:

. Expert knowledge of all aspects of production from the quarry to the factory

. Tile color consistency from pallet to pallet

. Careful slab selection free of defects

. Precision cutting, polishing, finishing

. Professional packaging to ensure intact arrival

Visit us and experience the elegant beauty of marble and granite.